An appointment is needed and a drop off the day or night before your appointment date is preferred if possible.  
Appointments cannot be made through email but must be made through calling (908) 537-2922.
DETAIL MAGIC also offers Like New INTERIOR re-conditioning.  Your Interior requires the same amount of care.  
We use a commercial grade Hot Water Extractor to deep clean and disinfect carpet, upholstery and floor mats.  
Leather upholstery is cleaned & reconditioned with premium conditioners.

Please click on (THE PROCESS) to see some of the details of our detailing!

DETAIL MAGIC uses only Industrial grade equipment and professional products on your beloved vehicle.

DETAILING is a maintenance, not a luxury!
Welcome to the DETAIL MAGIC website.  I am Eric J. Skove, proprietor of DETAIL MAGIC, located at 44 Foss Avenue,
Hampton, New Jersey.

I have been reconditioning vehicles at a professional level since 1991!  I owned a very successful detailing operation
in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for many years and now detail cars, trucks, SUVs in Hampton, New Jersey.

All vehicles need a protective barrier of premium wax or paint sealant; an absolute must for lasting protection year
round.  Frequent washing will keep your vehicle looking clean, but it will also strip wax and other protectants from it's
surface allowing harmful elements to damage your car.

DETAIL MAGIC also offers mulit-stage polishing to restore gloss, remove scratches, sun damage and other
imperfections PRIOR to wax or paint sealant.  This service requires the use of 2 types of polishers, rotary and dual
action polishers!

Please note: with today's hi-tech paint systems, multiple grades of buffing pads, polish, glaze and compounds are
needed to properly polish your paint.  Each vehicle requires a different level of care to restore original lustre and that
showroom shine.

All polishing and buffing should be performed by a skilled and experienced professional!